Spaces City Hall is known as the very first SPACES project in Singapore. The trusted brand comes with coworking space offerings for young people entering the corporate world. FVA design teams are constantly working to define an optimal design guideline. Develop an identity for young entrepreneurs and startups.


Spaces City Hall



Total area
How The Project Was Received

Spaces at 410 North Bridge Road is situated in the popular City Hall area of Singapore offering inspiring workspace and a unique working environment with both business and entertainment establishments nearby.

The place impresses with its blend of work and leisure areas without bluring the boundaries between two areas. The design features the perfect color combination between warm and cool colours throughout the interior. Rustic wooden surfaces and textured surfaces appear alongside carefully selected furniture and decorative elements, as well as artworks, industrial d├ęcor accents. It’s the little touches of industrial making all the difference, standing out in a very obvious way.

The future is young, stimulating, and fast, and we work to make positive change.